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Before you proceed flashing / hard resetting your phone / tablet make sure to back up your important files if possible. Because we care about your data.

We also suggest that your battery should be atleast 50% or better to have it fully charge, lower than the said value may cause unwanted result, such as bricking your phone / tablet rendering it unuseable. This is very important in flashing your phone / tablet. Use original USB cable as possible.

Files that you downloaded should not be corrupted, if ever the file is corrupted you might brick your phone. Or the flashing will start.

Drivers are very important specially in Spreadtrum Chipset, having an Spreadtrum SPD6610 (non android devices) driver will not work in SPD6820 (android devices).

If you are using laptop to flash your phone, make your that it has enough charge. If your laptop shutdown when your flashing your phone/tablet, you'll end up bricking your phone. Sometimes you can still recover your phone just flash it again and your phone will boot up again. But that is just a case to case basis, if your phone / tablet is deadboot (totally dead, erased all program in the chip) you can't recover it, you will need to seek professional help (technician).

This is the firmware/stock rom for HCL ME U2, you can use in Android System Recovery to flash your tablet. This can fix the following issue.

1. Hang in Android Logo.
2. Deleted System Apps.

Ok lets do it. Just follow the procedure

  1. Download the file here and extract it –--->>>> Here
  2. After downloading copy the update.zip in your memory card.
  3. Then boot into recovery mode by pressing volume down + power button
  4. an Android logo will appear, just wait until it goes to android system recovery
  5. In android system recovery select “Apply update from sdcard” and locate the u2 firmware. Wait until its done.
  6. Reboot your tablet.

That's it your phone is back in its original state.
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