Hard Reset / Factory Reset your Asus Memopad K0W

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This is my first time to post a ASUS brand. I will gonna start it with ASUS Memopad K0W. You need PC and memory card to wipe the tablet. Or if you another phone you can download it, in its memory card and transfer it in the tablet. You can also have your way to transfer the file in your sdcard.

Make sure that you have enough battery juice before doing this tutorial. And just a reminder this will wipe all the data in your tablet.

This can remove password, gmail account in your ASUS Memopad K0W.

Download this file

After downloading the file extract it in your SDCARD. 
Do not put it in any folder. Just in the root of your SDCARD.

After extracting the file

1. INSERT the SDCARD in your Tablet
2. POWER on the tablet and wait for the MENU to appear
3. Select CLEAR USER DATA. Press VOLUME DOWN AND UP to navigate, To select press POWER BUTTON (See picture below)

4. Reboot your tablet

You have successfully factory reset or hard reset your ASUS Memopad K0W. I hope this tutorial help you. 
Go to link Download

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