DTC GT5s Removing pattern lock, password or even gmail account

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Hi there,

As I announced in my UPCOMING TUTORIAL section. This one is for DTC GT5S. For those of you that forgot your password or pattern lock, or gmail account. I found a way to wipe your data / factory reset.  This one involves or need a PC to wipe your DTC GT5S. I have tried this in my windows XP machine via virtualbox. But you can try it in Windows 7 or Windows 8 if you have the necessary driver’s or if the program will RUN in your desired operating system.

First you need to download several files.

1. Duragon  -->  Duragon

2. Driver –--> Spreadtrum Android
Spreadtrum Widows 7 Driver

"For 64bit user's I am not sure if this procedure will work for you. But I can guarantee that this will work in 32bit Windows OS."

NOTE: You need to exclude the files that you extracted because the antivirus treat it as a virus. Or better yet, you can run this program in Virtualbox as what I have did.

If you already have the driver you can go ahead and open Duragon,exe

NOTE: Before proceeding make sure that your USB connection is not loose. I am not responsible if your phone is bricked when it stop in flashing.

Installing the Driver First


2. Press VOLUME DOWN or VOLUME UP, and then insert USB CABLE
3. In your PC it will detect as unknown device
4. Locate your Spreadtrum Android driver and install it.

After installing the Driver

1. Open duragon.exe

2. Follow the instruction in the picture below.

3. After Pressing START BUTTON


5. WAIT for it to finish.
6. When it is done reboot your phone.

If you have any questions or something that is not clear to you, just drop a comment. I'll be glad to help. Or you can chat with me in Support section when I am online. Hope you like it. 
Go to link Download

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